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My custom paint & design is the best you will find. Top quality materials and top quality finish.

This isn't just a case of throwing paint at it and covering it in stickers.  I take the time to produce a design that suits you, your bike AND your wallet.

What's underneath the paint matters too.  You need to start with a good solid base. If there's more layers than there should be, or rust &

repairs, the panels are taken back to their bare form and reworked.  Hey, if my name's on it, it's got to be perfect.                                   , 

For intricate designs or crucial measurements I will produce a digital render similar to           or

The large lettering on the big SVRR ended up a mixture of paint and decals and worked beautifully.  The Monster is all paint.

All of this involves time, effort and bucket loads of patience to get it absolutely spot on. A little stress makes its way in there too. As does coffee. And custard creams.

There's no price list here as no two bikes are ever the same.  Call me and we'll talk. Simple.

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"Every job is unique, every customer an individual, 

I pride myself on personal service"                               

                   Eoin Cumming