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ducati monster 1100 evo

Derek's Monster was red - aren't they all? He wanted something different.  Enter EDC Designs. If you've looked at the Ducati Monster brochure it turns out you can buy all the bodywork in pretty much whatever colour you like so that scuppered me right from the start. There isn't much bodywork so the colourscheme had to be outstanding. I rustled up five different renders on potatoshop and I'm so glad he chose this one. The silver is THE finest silver I could lay my hands on, subtle but looks almost chrome in the sunshine. The black has a secret sparkle and to tie it all together we opted for a red highlight to match the frame. Don't ask me how long it took to get the Tricolore spot on!

This job was completed back in July 2016 and it still looks stunning today. Derek has since sold the bike and has very kindly let me borrow the bodywork which can be viewed hanging up in my prep room at the workshop.  Hey, it beats a stripey Highland Coo!