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                   Eoin Cumming                        

I took part in the VMCC Founders Relay Rally back in May this year on my 1958 Matchless G3L 350cc single and had some ignition problems along the way. I decided to investigate the cause of the ignition troubles so removed the fuel tank in order to get at the ignition coil and HT leads etc. I drained the fuel from the tank, wrapped it in bubble wrap and put on the shelf. I ordered up the parts I needed and a week later they arrived , so after fitting them, I went to put the tank back on the bike and to my horror when I removed the bubble wrap from around the tank, it had reacted with the petrol vapour and imprinted the pattern of the bubble wrap into the paintwork ☹

So I was going to need a paint job but who to ask to do it ? I had only moved to the area a year previously and didn’t know anyone in the trade, but after asking around one name came up more than once so I decided to give EDC Designs a try. I called the owner Eoin, and after establishing that he could paint my tank I decided to give him a visit with my bubble wrap tank ! Once he got over the state of it we agreed a price and timescale for completing it, so I left it with him along with my headlamp as that needed tidying up as well.

I asked Eoin if he could have the work completed by mid September as I planned to ride the bike in the annual Distinguished Gentleman’s ride at the end of the month, so he had a deadline.

Throughout the process Eoin kept me up to date with the various stages from stripping the tank to blasting and priming through to the finished item. The shape of the underside of the old handmade tank made it trickier than most to work on and the headlamp nacelle turned out to be made up of three parts which Eoin took upon himself to fully dismantle to ensure all parts were cleaned and primed and painted before reassembling. It required brass rivets which he sourced and carefully replaced and then called me to say the tank and headlamp were ready for collection.

I arrived to collect the parts and have to say the standard of workmanship was fantastic, even though it’s just a plain black paint it looks fantastic and now I can’t wait to get it back together and take it for a ride.

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Eoin for any of your painting requirements and if the other work he does is anything like the standard I have experienced then there can be no one better in the area to go to.

Thanks Eoin, you have done the old girl proud and once she’s up and running again , I’ll bring her round for a brew 😊


1958 Matchless G3L Tank & headlamp nacelle

What a fantastic job to work on.  The quality and workmanship of the 60 year old parts has to be seen to be believed. 

Dave's testimonial is absolutely superb, it also tells the story of the curious pattern on the tank.  Thanks Dave!